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Walter and his team of certified personal trainers and fitness instructors specialize in weight loss, core strengthening, nutrition improvement, flexibility improvement, sports conditioning, physical rehabilitation and clients with limitations. Call or send an email today to set up a free consultation appointment to assess your fitness and discuss your goals. Get started, get fit!

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Meet Walter E. Copeland II, DMSc(c), MBA, MSN, CLC, CHC,

Walter E. Copeland II, DMSc(c), MBA, MSN, CHC, CLC, assumes the role of Founder and Chief Executive Officer at WC Fitness and Your Health is Wealth Coaching practice, boasting a decade-long commitment to fostering health, fitness, and wellness. His fitness establishment places a strategic emphasis on rehabilitation, body recomposition, and nutrition counseling, deploying educational initiatives to enlighten the populace on the imperative of cultivating an enhanced quality of life and leveraging proper nutrients to thwart medical conditions.

With an extensive professional tenure spanning two decades, coupled with a robust academic foundation and active community outreach, Walter orchestrates the formulation of personalized wellness programs within his establishment. These programs are meticulously crafted to address the unique needs of each clientele, concurrently dispelling prevalent misconceptions surrounding healthy eating practices.

In tandem with his fitness enterprise, Walter's coaching practice is dedicated to the holistic well-being of individuals seeking guidance in navigating life through the dual lenses of healthy habits and financial support. He underscores the intrinsic connection between optimal health and the potential for wealth, elucidating the reciprocal relationship between these two pivotal aspects.

An alumnus of Purdue University in Health Sciences and a recipient of an MBA from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, Walter's academic pursuits have sculpted a comprehensive perspective on the intersections of health and business. His credentials as a Certified Health and Life Coach and Exercise and Sports Nutritionist, along with his ongoing pursuit of a Doctorate in Medical Science from Northeastern University, underscore his dedication to comprehending crucial behavioral changes for life span elongation and addressing generational challenges impeding life progression.

While completing an M.S. in Applied Nutrition from Lamar University, Walter aimed to disseminate knowledge on the cultural dimensions of food habits and societal trends. Presently, he is in the final stages of completing his Doctorate, further expanding with a keen focus on advancing knowledge and contributing to the development of innovative strategies for fostering comprehensive well-being within communities.

In conjunction with his role as CEO and founder, Walter serves as a professor at multiple institutions, imparting multidisciplinary knowledge in business, technology, and health courses. Those many roles enable him to contribute significantly to the development of entrepreneurs, health practitioners, and aspiring individuals by integrating theoretical knowledge with practical, real-world experience.

Walter's ongoing commitment as a catalyst for change involves strategic planning and proactive coaching techniques aimed at dispelling entrenched myths surrounding healthy eating. He emphasizes the critical understanding of the "WHY" factor, promoting consistency over mere day-to-day existence, thus fostering a sustained impact on communities for growth. Motivated by a deep-seated concern for health disparities, Walter actively collaborates with organizations sharing his vision for positive change.

The team of professionals at WC Fitness, comprising fitness experts, nutritionists, and exercise instructors, operates cohesively under Walter's leadership, adopting a holistic approach to client assistance. Walter firmly believes in the collective effort required, acknowledging the significance of support groups, colleagues, and associations in assisting individuals in achieving their goals while trusting the process.

In summary, Walter E. Copeland II's scholarly journey and multifaceted roles underscore a dedicated commitment to advancing health and wellness, intertwined with a profound mission to effect positive change in communities through education, dispelling myths, and fostering holistic well-being.

Degrees, Certifications, and Accomplishments:  

  • DMSc(c) Doctorate of Medical Science, Northeastern University
  • MBA, Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
  • MSN, Applied Nutrition, Lamar Univerity
  • BS, Health Sciences, Purdue University
  • Health Behavior; Yale University
  • International Sports Coaching Association (ISCA): Kinesiologist/Certified Personal Trainer; Kettle Bell; Nutrition Coaching; Sports Nutrition
  • International Sports Coaching Association (ISCA): Kinesiologist/Certified Personal Trainer; Kettle Bell; Nutrition Coaching; Sports Nutrition
  • Health Coach Institute (HCI): Certified Health and Life Coach 
  • Precision Nutrition, Pn1, Exercise & Sports Nutritionist
  • Expertise in: weight loss, toning, defining, strength & core training, core synergistic & conditioning, nutrition, flexibility improvement, compound movements, physical rehabilitation, body sculpting, clients with injuries/physical limitations
  • 2016, 2017, 2018 National Gym Association All Natural Bodybuilding
  • Mr. Philadelphia, 1st place; Masters, 2nd place
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Our team of highly-motivated individuals cannot wait to help you meet your goals.

Jordan Burrell, CPT, ISSA

Born in Winston-Salem, NC, and raised in Glenside, Jordan is motivated to help his community lead better, healthier lives through his work as an ISSA-certified personal trainer. As a CPT, he guides his clients along the challenging road to success and encourages them to make every moment count. Jordan believes that nothing is more valuable than the present, and he endeavors to instill this confidence in each and every one of his clients. 

Degrees/Certifications and Accomplishments:

  • Morehouse Alumni
  • Certified Personal Trainer-International Sports Science Associations (ISSA)
  • Stanford University Food & Health Certifications


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William Howell, CPT, NASM

William Howell is a master-certified personal trainer who aims to serve those pursuing physical and mental health as a part of their lifestyle. His empathetic personality shows compassion yet pushes clients to become the best version of themself. He currently holds a prestige personal trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM).

Degrees/Certifications and Accomplishments:

  • Currently enrolled in Susquehanna University B.S. Exercise Science
  • Certified Personal Trainer-NASM


Jenelle R. Holloman, MHSA

Project Manager

Jenelle R. Holloman serves as the Project Manager for WC Fitness. Ms. Holloman has a Bachelor of General Biological Sciences from Michigan Technological University and a Masters of Health Services Administration from Xavier University. She has a background in hospital administration, and supply chain management, and is considered an expert in the area of federal procurement. Her delightful personality resonates with clients as well as oversees the operations of WC Fitness.

Degrees/Certifications and Accomplishments:

  • B.S. General Biological Sciences, Michigan Technological University
  • M.S., Health Services Administration, Xavier University


Sara Parrish, Administration

Sara Parrish serves as our Administrative Assistant. She started dancing at the age of 4 and went on to dance competitively and taught at her local dance studio. She attended the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts as a Dance Major. She then went on to earn her Bachelor's in Dance with a minor in Business Administration at Messiah University. There she held the Vollmer Scholarship all 4 years and was the Administration Assistant for the Dance Department. She taught at local dance studios while witnessing her choreography performed and won awards competitively. She's cross-trained during her dance career and understands the importance of health and fitness in everyday life. She looks forward to serving at WC Fitness and growing in her own personal fitness journey.

Degrees/Certifications and Accomplishments:

  • B.S. in Dance, Administration


Kyler Denis, B.S.

Born and raised outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I grew up with a passion for watching and playing sports. Nutrition became interesting to me because I wanted to know how nutrition impacts how a person performs, thinks, and feels. I went on to receive my Bachelor’s in nutrition from La Salle University. I completed my dietetic internship shortly after through Wellness Workdays where I interned with Rutgers University’s athletic teams. Another passion of mine is helping people achieve their goals while building lifelong relationships. One of my favorite quotes is “the only person you should compete with is the person you were yesterday”.

Degrees/Certifications and Accomplishments:

  • B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics, La Salle University


Shaneena Carter,MS

Receptionist/Group Exercise Instructor

Shaneena Carter has been an athlete since high school, yet she wants to enhance her fitness by completing marathons, running competitions, and becoming fit herself. She has a B.A. in Sociology from Millersville University and an MS in Organizational and Strategic Leadership from Neuman University. While completing her immediate credentials as a fitness professional, she is currently completing a Ph.D. in Human Services. Her objectives are to ensure clients’ goals are met through a holistic approach while maintaining proper balance. Overall, she strives to provide that all clientele experience is satisfying, effective, and fulfilling.

Degrees/Certifications and Accomplishments:

  • B.A. Sociology/Criminology
  • M.S. Organizational and Strategic Leadership